January 21st, 2005


THE ORLI-FIC: Chapter 3 - Cheers and Beers

I hate Leila. I hate this chapter. I hate how effective blackmail is.

Have fun reading!


P.S. This is the officially the last chapter of The Orli-fic. I am trying not to look too happy. What this also means, though, is that Leila will be taking the stage for the next three posts as she posts her Sean-fic, and if we don't screw up too badly, we should end up with our four protagonists, Leila, Jenn, Sean, and, oh, what's the other one's name... Oh yeah, Orli, set to catastrophically enter each other's lives. Which includes Leila messing up with flight tickets and all of us eventually living in my flat. God. Anyway. Sit tight, wait for Leila, forget about Orlando because he's not half as hot as Sean, and get your Second Servings. :)

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