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caps & coffee

in all the right movies (except OB)

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Formerly (and affecionately) known as The Fic War, we now present:

Second Servings is a fictional tale of two boys with accents (Orlando Bloom and Sean Biggerstaff) and two fangirly girls who should be doing other things but instead are writing this.

It's basically a fangirly endeavor. Like, the ULTIMATE fangirly endeavor. You know how some kids write original characters into their fandoms and pair them with say, Draco, and their original character is actually an incarnation of themselves? Except they actually pretend they're not channeling themselves. We don't bother with such flimsy illusions. Too much effort.

Second Servings is host to The Orli Fic by onecrimsontie, The Sean Fic by applecede, and Daily Grind by onecrimsontie and applecede.

The Orli Fic stars Orlando Bloom and Leila.
The Sean Fic stars Sean Biggerstaff and Jenn.
Daily Grind is a round robin of it all, where Orli and Leila and Sean and Jenn meet up.

A onecrimsontie & applecede collaboration. Written for each other's amusement.

Places to go:
Sean Biggerstaff
The OB Files
onecrimsontie: journal of a D/Hr and T/Hr and Sean Biggerstaff addict.
applecede: journal of a D/G and L/N and Orlando Bloom addict.

an article about Sean!

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